Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival (HKICF)
has become a highly-anticipated annual inter-school choral event in Hong Kong since it was founded in 2018. Over 16,500 students and teachers from more than 350 choirs have participated in the past five editions.

Entering its sixth year in 2023, HKICF has matured into the scale of an international choir festival with multiple choral experts from around the world participating as speakers and adjudicators, locally commissioned theme song premiering during the festival, and thousands of choristers and music educators gathering to collaborate and learn from one another.
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HKICF2023 Release of Competition cum Masterclass Timetables

Preparation for HKICF2023 is in full swing! Timetables and order of appearance for the Competition cum Masterclass have been released. Thank you for the overwhelming response, there will be 5 days of competitions at 3 different venues this year. We hope to see you soon in 2023!

HKICF2023 New Feature:


In order to realise our vision of bringing the experience of an international choir festival to the students in Hong Kong, from HKICF2023 onward, HKICF will be inviting a renowned choir to our festival as the “Guest Choir of the Year”. In 2023, the “Voices of Singapore Children’s Choir” will join us as the first guest choir of HKICF.



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