Holistic Personal Growth through Choral Singing

The Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival (“HKICF”) is an engaging and interactive learning platform for choral groups in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. While traditional inter-school choral competitions tend to be fierce contests among a few schools each year, HKICF aims to promote the holistic growth of musicianship among all schools through mutual learning and appreciation. We hope to nurture students’ passion for and appreciation of choral music, improve their singing and performing abilities, and give recognition to their growth in music. In addition, by bringing overseas choral conducting and vocal pedagogies to Hong Kong, HKICF also sought to provides music educators with professional development and training opportunities and fosters exchange among local musicians and music educators.

HKICF is grateful to have earned great acclaim from the choral community over the past four years. Now onto its fifth year, HKICF is delighted to receive support from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Calvin Chan Foundation and Lee Hysan Foundation which enable us to continue expanding our offering of programmes. Through these new programmes, we hope to bring more opportunities for primary and secondary school students to enjoy choral music while also providing more quality programmes for teachers and conductors to learn and grow.

Pioneering a New Choral Culture

We envision a new choral culture that is based on mutual respect, encouragement and growth.

From our activities to our application fees, every aspect of HKICF is designed to be inclusive. We work to ensure that HKICF is accessible to as many schools as possible and that choirs of all levels can learn from each other and grow on the same platform.