HKICF New Initiative in September 2022 –

The School Choirs’ Incubator Programme

HKICF is our first step towards nurturing a more sustainable inter-school choral singing culture in Hong Kong. Besides providing one-off performing opportunities through our annual choral festival, we have come to realise that schools and music groups also need longer-term support to develop and grow their choirs.

In 2021, we conducted a survey among music educators to understand what they are looking for. We interviewed over 60 music teachers and conductors from primary and

secondary schools in Hong Kong. 99% of them identified (1) Professional guidance and (2) Performance opportunities as the most urgent needs of their choirs.

Therefore, to better serve teachers’ and choirs’ needs for professional guidance, HKICF launched a new initiative,“The School Choir Incubator Programme” (Pilot Scheme) in September 2021.


In this programme, HKICF provides the following support to the participating schools:

  • Small-class professional workshops on conducting and vocal pedagogy;
  • Observation sessions with experienced choral experts;
  • Real life practice sessions with choirs

The participating schools to this pilot scheme are:

  • Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School (Ms. Wong Man Chi, Ms. Joanne Chan)
  • TWGHs Wong See Sum Primary School (Ms. Joyce Leung)
  • SKH St. Benedict’s School (Mr. Tsui Ming Yau)
  • CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School (Ms. Lui Wai Ping)

In future years, we would like to expand our programme to include the following year-long support:

  • Matching participating music teachers and conductors with professional clinicians as mentors;
  • Providing periodic private consultation sessions with mentors, music teachers and conductors;
  • Providing periodic in-school choir clinics by mentors;
  • Providing periodic performance opportunities for participating school choirs.

Under the professional guidance of our clinicians in this incubator programme, teachers can cultivate an environment that favours the sustainable development of choral singing culture in their respective schools without worrying about financial constraints and the lack of performance opportunities, rehearsals and competitions.