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Global Summer Music Camp 2023

Application Deadline: 30 June 2023

Seats are limited. Join us now!


The Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival (HKICF) is proud to introduce to you the Global Summer Music Camp 2023, our annual singing music camp for primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong.


The camp aims to provide a fun and dynamic atmosphere for students to indulge in the joy of singing and performing various themes of music. Participants will be coached by local and overseas singing professionals, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to improve their vocal techniques and musicality. By the end of the camp, participants are given an opportunity to showcase what they learnt in the camp via a performance, so to create precious summer memories singing with their peers from other schools which they would forever cherish.


The primary school division will be provided with singing and choreography training in a musical and a Broadway approach to be ready for a theme park performance. On the other hand, the secondary school division will be focusing on individual and group studio recording experience of a pop song in a professional recording studio in Hong Kong, thus will be receiving pop-style vocal training and techniques regarding professional recording.


Online Training:July 2023 (2 Sessions for each group)

Day Camp:9-11 Aug 2023

Theme Park Performance:12 Aug 2023

Studio Recording : 12 Aug 2023



Tim Wayne-Wright (Former member of The King’s Singers)

Kelvin Lau (HKICF Artistic Director)


Guest Instructors

Eric Huynh (Musical Actor, Choreographer)

Guddy Chan (Pop Singing / Vocal Coach)


Camp Fee: $2,800*


Group-of-Two Discount^:Two people enrolling the camp together can enjoy a total of $800 discount, i.e. the camp fee for each person is only $2,400.

*Include ① Camp Fee ② Camp T-shirt ③ Meals

④ Group I – theme park performance or Group II – studio recording experience



Group I – 60 people | Group II – 40 people


Application Deadline:30 June 2023 (First-come-first-served)



1.  Applicant is required to submit a 1-min long singing recording of any song of his/her own choice for admission.

2. The above schedule is for reference only. Programme arrangements and content are subject to changes without prior notice.

3. ^Terms and conditions apply to the details of the promotion.

4. HKICF reserves the right to a final decision in case of dispute.