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Supporting the Local Music Industry


Commissioning Mr. Leon Ko to write the theme song “今天一起唱的歌” for HKICF 2022 was only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. HKICF plans to commission new choral pieces from Hong Kong artists each year, so as to build a collection of works which Hong Kong schools can use in rehearsals, performances and competitions. We will also work with the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (“CASH”) to host premieres for the compositions and introduce the artists to the public.


We have engaged Dr. Steve Ho (Assistant Professor, Education University of Hong Kong) and Mr. Jason Liu (Assistant Conductor, The Learners Chorus) as our commissioned composers in HKICF2023.


These original songs written for HKICF will be free for use by choirs in Hong Kong and available on our websites. Hopefully, this will encourage Hong Kong choirs to choose songs from local composers in future competitions and performances.