Dr. Paulina Wong


Dr. Paulina Wong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in vocal performance and choral conducting. She was awarded the degrees of Master in Music and Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. In the Academy, she had appeared in solo recitals, concerts and opera productions. She had been notably successful in various choral conducting seminars and master classes held at the Academy. Before graduation, she was invited by the Dean of Music to work with choirs in The Academy Junior School, to perform Britten’s MissaBrevis, Noye’s Flude and Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Hong Kong PhilharmonicOrchestra.

Dr. Wong currently is the Assistant Professor of Cultural and Creative Arts Department in The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and artistic director of the EdUHK Chorus. Apart from her teaching, Dr. Wong frequently presents professional papers in international music education conferences across local region and overseas. In 2016 a book chapter was published by GIA Publication with the title “Creative Musicking: An approach to collaborative choral composition”.

黄博士畢業於香港演藝學院,主修聲樂表演及合唱指揮。她亦在英國的 University of Sheffield 修畢音樂碩士及哲學博士。在學院期間,她曾多次參與獨奏、音樂會及歌劇製作。她在學院舉辦的指揮講座及大師班中獲得顯著的成功。畢業前,黄博士已被音樂學院院長獲邀與不同的合唱團與樂團合作,包括:香港管弦樂團。

黄博士現為香港教育大學文化與藝術創意學系的助理教授及香港教育大學合唱團的藝術總監。教學以外,黄博士亦經常在地區及海外的國際音樂會議中發表專業論文。在 2016 年,GIA Publication 出版了黄博士以 “Creative Musicking: An approach to collaborative choral composition”為題所撰寫的書章。

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