Jane Lau earned the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Master of Arts in Music (majoring in choral conducting) by the Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Jane served as head of the music department in Marymount Secondary School from 2007 to 2020.

In 2012, Jane led Marymount Secondary School Choir to Hungary, where they took part in the 9th Cantemus International Choral Festival, and won the Gold Award and the Best Kodaly Performance Award. Jane was also named the Best Conductor in the festival. Jane also led Marymount choristers to St. Petersburg, Russia to take part in the XII International Choral Festival – The Singing World in 2014, where they were awarded First Place and Gold Diploma in both Children’s and Modern Music category, and a total of four special jury prizes including The Best Performance of the Russian Composer’s Work, Best Performance of Contemporary Music, The Best Soloist Award.

The choir was also presented with The Public Affection Award, voted by the audience during the Grand Prix. In 2016, Jane led the choir to Hungary, participating in the Béla Bartók 27th International Competition and Folklore Festival. They got first place in the Youth category and aspecial prize for the outstanding interpretation of a modern Hungarian piece.

Prior to serving in Marymount Secondary School, Jane was the Head of Music in Belilios Public School.


在 2007 年至 2020 年期間,劉氏為瑪利曼中學的音樂主任。在 2012 年,劉氏帶領學校到匈牙利參加第九屆 Cantemus 國際合唱節,並在節中榮獲金奬及最佳 Kodaly 演出大奬。劉氏亦在此合唱節中獲得最佳指揮大奬。除此之外,劉氏亦在 2014 年帶團到俄羅斯的聖彼得堡出席 XII International Choral Festival – The Singing World,並在兒童組別及當代音樂組別裏獲頒第一名及金證書。另外,合唱團亦在合唱節中赢了四個特别評判奬項,包括:俄羅斯作曲家作品最佳演出奬、當代音樂最佳演出奬、最佳個人演出奬。合唱團同時亦 Grand Prix 中在觀眾投票環節中,獲得觀眾最喜愛大奬。在 2016 年,劉氏帶團再到匈牙利參加第27 屆 Béla Bartók International Competition and Folklore Festival。他們在青年組中獲得第一名,並同時獲得一個當代匈牙利曲目優越演繹的特別奬項。


Other Juries 評判