Dr. Lo Po Yan


Dr Lo Po Yan is currently a community music and choral educator. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in music from the Education University of Hong Kong and a Master of Arts in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also graduated with a Doctor of Education from the Education University of Hong Kong. Her primary research interest is about community music development.

During her studies, Lo frequently worked in different music and theatre productions. She was awarded the Licentiate Diploma in Recital in Voice from the Trinity College London, in addition to the Advanced Certificate in Jazz and the Associate Teacher Diploma from the Australian Teachers of Dancing Association. Lo frequently works in different music and choral education events. She worked with different local groups in organizing various concerts, theater productions and community art activities.

In 2014, Lo established the WAO!Singers which aims to smash the traditional practices of community choirs, and to sow musical seeds among communities. At the same year, she also worked as choral director in Music Children Foundation which providing professional and free music program to grassroots children. She currently is the artistic director of the WAO!Singers, the choral director of the Music Children Foundation Choir, the music director of EduHK chorus and choir conductor in various secondary and primary schools.

羅氏畢業後亦積極參與不同的音樂及合唱教育活動,多次帶領其任教之學校合唱團於香港學校音樂節中取得佳績,更於2014 年成立 WAO!Singers,希望打破傳統社區合唱團的固有模式,於社區各處散播音樂的種子。羅氏現為 WAO!Singers 藝術總 監、大埔兒童合唱團音樂總監、音樂兒童基金會合唱團指揮、香港兒童合唱團指揮、香港教育大學合唱團助理音樂總監、及於多間中、小學擔任合唱團指揮。

羅寶欣博士現為社區音樂及合唱教育工作者,畢業於香港教育大學,修讀小學教育(榮譽)學士學位課程,主修音樂,並於香港中文大學獲得文學(音樂)碩士學位。其後,羅氏於香港教育大學完成教育博士學位,主力研究香港社區音樂的發展。羅氏於在學期間經常參與不同的音樂及舞台演出, 考獲聖三一音樂學院聲樂專業演奏文憑及澳洲舞蹈教師協會爵士舞高級導師文憑。畢業後羅氏積極參與不同的音樂及合唱教育活動,曾與多個本地團體合作籌辦各個音樂會,劇場製作及社區藝術活動。

羅氏於二零一四年成立 WAO!Singers,籌辦一系列外展社區藝術活動及合唱劇場,希望打破傳統社區合唱團的固有模式,於社區各處散播音樂的種子。同年,羅氏亦擔任音樂兒童基金會合唱總監,致力為基層兒童提供專業及免費音樂合唱教育,並藉音樂改變兒童的生命,為其整個家庭及社會創造正面價值。羅氏現為 WAO!Singers 藝術總監、音樂兒童基金會合唱總監、香港教育大學合唱團音樂總監,並於多間中、小學擔任合唱團指揮。

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