Ms. Susanna Saw


Ms. Susanna Saw is a graduate of the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music, Australia. She was the choir teacher for The Australian Boys Choir Institute from 1996-1998, obtaining her Australian Kodaly Certificate in Primary Level Music Education in 2001 and Secondary Level Music Education in January 2015. Since her return to Malaysia, she has founded The Young Kuala Lumpur Singers and The Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir. Currently, she is a lecturer and choir director at the Faculty of Music at the University of Malaya, University Teknologi MARA, and Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA). She also conducts the MIA Ladies Chorus, and is the founder of the Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod and the Young Choral Academy in Kuala Lumpur.

Since 2007, Susanna has been invited by the Interkultur Foundation, Germany, to be a member of the Jury for the Asian Choir Games and World Choir Games (Indonesia 2007 & 2013, Austria 2008, Korea 2009, China 2010, Vietnam 2011, United States 2012, Latvia 2014, and Sochi, Russia 2016). She has been appointed Choir Olympic Council Member of the Foundation, and has presented workshops on Malaysian Choral Music and Choral Education in Vietnam, Austria, Croatia, Australia, Brunei, Macau and China. She has also been adjudicating at various international choir competitions in Bandung, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Bali, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau. Susanna has been appointed to the Working Committee for the Asia-Pacific Choral Council, under the auspices of the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM).

蘇氏為 The Young Kuala Lumpur Singers and The Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir之創立人,現為馬來西亞大學音樂系、馬來西亞科技大學及馬來西亞藝術學院之講師及合唱總監。蘇氏亦擔任多個國際性合唱比賽評審,包括The Asian Choir Games 及 World Choir Games,亦同時擔任亞太區合唱聯盟之執行委員及24th International Kodaly Symposium 2019的籌辦主席。

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